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Simona Coscia

Simona Coscia

Certified Hot Yoga and Wheel Yoga teacher RYS 200 Yoga Alliance, with Contemporary dance background.


benefits & outcomes


benefits & outcomes

Scrivo questa recensione perché non potrei fare altrimenti! Sono rimasta colpita dalla passione e dalla professionalità di questa atleta (perché sì, credo non si possa definire diversamente chi sa gestire il proprio corpo con tanta abilità in termini di equilibrio e forza) al punto da riuscire a fare appassionare persino me allo yoga! Credevo fosse uno sport da “pensionati” e invece richiede tanto impegno, forza e abilità. Pertanto, pubblicamente, voglio scrivere che se ho scoperto questo nuovo mondo fatto di fatica, spiritualità e di introspezione, e se guardo finalmente con gioia il mio corpo totalmente rimodellato, lo devo solo a Simona Coscia, la migliore personal trainer che potessi incontrare!!

Stefania, Italy

The perfect word to describe Simona is “Volcano”. It’s not a case, as matter of fact, that she was born in Naples. Brilliant, full of positive energy and with a great patience. The right yoga teacher for me!

Fabrizio, Italy

I had never done any type of yoga before being introduced to Simona’s class by a friend of mine and I’ve been to the class every week since starting in January. The class is intense but at the same time it calms me down from the outside world and for an hour a week I get to focus on nothing but myself! Simona’s a great instructor, full of passion for yoga and it shows how much she loves to pass on her knowledge to others. Would definitely recommend her to anyone, whatever experience you have, this is definitely a class you want to try.

Tereza, Malta
La classe di Simona dona forza, radicatezza ed alleggerimento.
È davvero una sensazione straordinaria!  Simona insegna con dolcezza e precisione. Altamente consigliata!
Simona, Professional Dancer

Simona is a passionate yoga teacher with a big heart. Highly recommend her.

Balzas, Yogi Life Coach

I love the classes! Beautiful energy and flow and really great teacher. Her classes always seem to suit my mood and restore my energy. Highly recommended!! ⭐️

Daria, Malta

Simona is such a fantastic, passionate yoga teacher ♥️ She makes sure she differentiates to all levels and is so very calming and warm, its contagious! I go home feeling so relaxed and in a happy place! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place to unwind and focus on oneself for just an hour ♥️

Erika, Malta

Simona provides a perfectly balanced energy, I feel great after every class, totally recommend her 🙏

Christine, Malta
Momo’s passion for yoga is evident in all her classes.  She gives individual attention to each student and explains the various yoga moves and what they are helping with  in a clear way. Thoroughly enjoyable and felt great after.  If you are looking to start a yoga class, look no further 🙂
Marcette, Malta

Great tips and tricks! Managed to balance after struggling with wise instructions during the class.

Seren, Malta
I love the classes with Simona,I recommended for every one.She it’s great teacher and very kind person.I miss the classes but I am happy we will start  online.Thank you Simona and see you soon online. Namaste 🤸‍♀️😊
Dima, Malta

I have practised yoga for many years as my mother was a teacher herself.  As a former athlete, I found that yoga helped me to relax and at the same time help with certain injuries. Here in Malta I started attending Momosyoga and found her to be an amazing person and dedicated yoga teacher.  As I had not done a class for some time, I realised how much I had missed it and I felt great afterwards. Try one of her classes – you won’t regret it 🙂  Love to all out there yoga lovers.

Martin, Malta

As a total beginner I wanted to find someone who could understand me and know what difficulties I could encounter during the session. Simona us the perfect person for this, her clear explanation of each move helped me to comprehend and manage to do the whole sessions. Her motivation keeps me wanting to learn more balancing techniques that are helping with normal life.

Jaqueline, Malta

Highly recommended! So passionate and knowledgeable and her style is fresh combining years of dance experience with her yoga training

Ritianne, Yoga Teacher
So far I’ve tried 2 classes with Simona and I am grateful I met her because her classes are a must, I tried wheel yoga which is a slow flow with the wheel helping you in the poses you find hard to perform. Highly recommended if you’re looking for improving your daily practice and her class of Waterflow targeting a deep, strong, relax flow, the mix of this class makes it unique, I enjoy it fully. So, don’t look further, come for a class, I’m sure you’ll love it.
Alba, Malta